The Resting Warriors on Titan
Episode 4
Air Date 09/28/1978
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The Red Winds of Mars
The Great Bandit Antares

Original title: "Titan no Nemureru Senshi" (タイタンの眠れる戦士)

Tetsuro meets Crystal Claire, a waitress on the 999 that is made entirely of glass. Claire's body was forced upon her by her mother and she is seeking to buy back her original body. Tetsuro finds his mother alive again on the train, but it is actually a monster that tries to pull him out of the train with it. Claire kills the monster by sacrificing herself, shattering her glass body. The 999 arrives on the planet Titan, where Maetal is captured by machine men. Tetsuro meets an old woman who provides him with a hat, cape, gun and boat which he uses to find Maetel.

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